We are happy to welcome you at Bamboo Retreat Hotel & Permaculture Garden Estate.

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Our Activities

This is how your day might look at the Bamboo Retreat Hotel.

Mornings at Bamboo Retreat Hotel begin with a healthy breakfast for example consisting of vegetables and grain from our garden. Besides fresh fruit and a freshly brewed ginger herbal tea is served.

The Bamboo Retreat Hotel is the ideal base from where to explore Sikkim. You may visit the surrounding picturesque villages and monasteries with a local guide or hike in the beautiful nature, always with the amazing view of the surrounding Himalaya mountain panorama.

Relaxed and content, you can look forward to a delicious dinner in our cozy Bamboo Retreat’s Garden Restaurant.

Everything is freshly prepared by our chefs and the ingredients come mainly from our garden. The various vegetable curries and other vegetarian dishes are simply delicious.

Furthermore, when in season do not miss specialties such as nettle soup, steamed watercress, Nakima (lily) blossom, fiddlehead fern, and bamboo shoots.

In the afternoon, come back to the hotel and look forward to a relaxing herbal bath.

To do this, the bathtub is not only filled with water but a fresh lemongrass and mint herbal decoction is added. The active ingredients provide soothing relaxation.

We decorate the bathroom with many seasonal flowers to create an inspiring visual treat. With candlelight and freshly brewed tea, you can enjoy your stay with us under a fresh aloe vera facial mask.

Of course, you can also relax your tired muscles with a traditional massage.

Other possible activities

Meditation Workshop: The workshop includes an introduction to Buddhism and meditation. This activity will take place in our traditional meditation and prayer room.

Yoga Class: Introduction to the basics of traditional yoga, a demonstration of Asanas (positions) and Pranaya (Breathing techniques).

Ethnic Cooking classes: Sikkimese, Lepcha, Bhutia or Nepali Cuisine – our cooking classes introduce you to traditional cooking styles using exotic ingredients. Together we chose a dish that we will teach you to cook.

Hot Stone Bath: Located in the middle of our beautiful garden, behind a large bamboo hedge, well shielded from prying eyes, is our small bamboo nest. A few hours before the start of your bath, the hot stones are heated in a fireplace and then placed in a separate compartment of the bathtub. The bathtub is filled with all-natural mountain water. Slowly the stones release their energy and minerals into the water and warm the wooden bathtub up. Now, all you have to do is get in and enjoy and relax outdoors.