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The Bamboo Retreat Hotel was founded by the Swiss Helen Kämpf and her team from Sikkim. Their goal was to build a bridge between the cultures of the East and the West.

She has lived in North East India for many years and is familiar with the local culture.

Here at Bamboo Retreat Hotel she and her team from Sikkim have managed to combine the comfort of the modern western world with the cultural heritage of the Himalayas in a charming way. She and the Sikkimese team have created a place that promotes intercultural exchange between guest and host and therefore introduces you to each other’s roots whereby learning to understand each other.

Both sides benefit from it and it wonderfully connects you to the locality.

See for yourself: try Sikkim’s unique cuisine and spices, smell the herbs and use them to cook following the rules of the ethical cuisine of the ancient people of Sikkim, the Lepchas, the Bhutias and the Nepalese. Stroll through the gardens of our hotel and learn about the principles of permaculture from the hosts at Bamboo Retreat Hotel. Meditate, observe nature, and find your way back to yourself and your roots in a natural way.

In short: In our hotel you will find a mixture of relaxation, adventure and inspiration. What could be more relaxing & inspiring for your mind, your soul and your senses?

The Bamboo Retreat Hotel is idyllically embedded between terraced rice fields, lush green bamboo groves, gardens and streams by the hillside – on the other side you can see the capital Gangtok. You can reach Gangtok by car, it takes approximately 45 minutes. The hotel owns around 1.5 hectares of land, where a variety of native vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants, and herbs are grown organically, using the principles of permaculture.

We are an eco-hotel, this means we promote and support ecotourism, defined as: “Responsible travel to nature reserves that protect the environment and support the well-being of the local people and communities” by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

Please note that due to non-functioning telephone connections at times, credit card payments may not be available in rare cases. In other words, we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to process your payment by credit card. However, there are ATMs nearby in Ranipool and in Gangtok, where cash can be withdrawn with credit cards. It is important to note that sometimes even ATMs do not work and banks may not be open due to public holidays.

As payment, we accept direct bank transfers, credit cards, cash or bitcoins.

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