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Permaculture Garden

Our vision is to live in harmony with nature and to protect and foster diverse habitats so that life can unfold.


A colorful mix of a variety of green and flowering shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees, giant ferns, grasses,
and flowers rounded off by the scent of blossoms and herbs awaits you in our garden.
In between colorful butterflies, birds singing and the smiles of the people who cultivate and manage this garden.

To achieve and follow this vision, we have not created a normal garden, but rather a permaculture garden.

But what is permaculture and how does it differ from a normal garden? 

“Permaculture systems are diverse, species-rich and full of life, without the burden of harsh labor being necessary. Every plant, every animal and every microorganism has its place within the natural cycle.”(Source permakultur-design.at)

The basic principles of permaculture are based on three pillars:

● Earth Care

● People Care

● Fair Share

Permaculture is a worldview of sustainability, self-responsibility & creative solutions, applies ecological & traditional production methods, provides us with low-tech design tools and is a self-empowering social movement.

At Bamboo Retreat Hotel our focus is on self-sufficiency, biodiversity and education.

Permaculture methods provides us with food for the body while also nourishing our minds and souls. For the human, animal and plant communities to work together harmoniously it is necessary to follow similar principles that make nature work.

The entire team of Bamboo Retreat Hotel strives to live up to these principles by caring for nature. We happily share this paradise with our guests are invited to join us in the garden to be inspired and gain knowledge.