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Wellness & Health

The Bamboo Retreat Hotel gives you relaxation for
body, mind and soul.


Wellness area in the Bamboo Retreat Hotel: Putting your feed up – relaxation on.

Not only in rainy days worth a visit: Our small wellness area. Perfect for those who want to enjoy relaxation and tranquility after a long day of hiking and exploring.

Particularly Unique: The natural setting, the sounds of nature, the fresh air, many trees around us – naturally contribute to regeneration

Enjoy this rejuvenating blessing for your body & soul

Our Herbal Bath

If you do not enjoy sitting in the open air, you can enjoy a herbal bath in our cozy bathroom in the house.

For this bath we enrich the water of the oversized bathtub with an infusion of fresh herbs from our garden such as citronella and mints. The active ingredients of the herbs provide soothing relaxation. We also decorate the bath with seasonal hand-plucked to create an inspiring visual delight.

A piece of fresh aloe vera is also provided when in season – apply its gel on your face to enjoy a moisturizing fascial mask while enjoying the bath.

Candle-light and a freshly brewed tea create a deeply relaxing atmosphere to sooth your senses.
After the bath you can still dream a little with candlelight and a cup of tea. For this bath, of course, only herbs and flowers are used, which are grown organically in our garden.

Duration : 20 – 30 min.
Prior booking required – please contact reservation or send us an Email: reservations.bambooretreat@sikkim.ch

Immerse yourself in our bamboo wellness oasis

Hot Stone Bath

Once you arrive at the Bamboo Retreat Hotel, you soon realize that you find yourself in the midst of a paradise garden. A walk through our garden is a small wellness experience. A colorful potpourri of various plants, shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees, giant ferns, grasses and flowers rounded off by the smell of herbs awaits you.

In-between you can discover beautiful butterflies, birds singing and smiling faces of the people who care for this garden.

In the middle, in a large bamboo hedge, is a small hut where we offer you an experience of a very special kind: our outdoor hot stone bath. In a nest of living bamboo, there is a large wooden bathtub where you can rejuvenate.

Prior to the bath, stones are heated up in an open fire, and then submerged in a separate compartment of the bathtub, which would be filled with mountain water. The hot stones transfer their energy to the water and heat it up gradually.

Herbs are then added to the water, such as a bunch of lemongrasses – or an herbal decoration made up of different herbs. Some Sikkimese families have their own “secret recipe” of soothing herbs and healing barks. The plants used in Sikkim for these winter spas include mug wort, dwarf rhododendron, juniper and many more. Once the water reaches the desired temperature – the bath is ready.

The atmosphere can be enjoyed best at the dusk or dawn where you can experience sunrise and sunsets. The bamboo hut is beautifully decorated with flowers, man/woman in harmony with nature – and in the midst of it the energizing interaction with elements like earth, fire, water and air. Hot stones may be added to keep the water temperature optimum and a traditional soup is served while you enjoy this unforgettable experience.

You receive a bathrobe about an hour before the appointed time. Once all the preparations have been made and the correct water temperature is reached, you will be escorted to the hot stone bath area. If you wish you can have a look at our hot stone bath-area in the garden beforehand.

If you do not enjoy sitting in the wild, you can enjoy our herbal- and flower bath in our cozy bathroom in the house.

Enjoy relaxation or immerse yourself in strengthening yoga

Massage Therapy & Yoga

Massage Therapy

We presently have one professional lady massage therapist and a male massage therapist on call.

  • Prices may vary depending on the number of participants and season
  • Please consult our receptionist to make an appointment
  • Massage therapy appointments cannot be guaranteed at all times.


Yoga Class, 120 min

Enjoy a private Yoga-class with Mr J.N Sharma, our qualified yoga-teacher.

  • Our yoga-class includes an introduction to fundamentals of yoga; demonstration of Asanas (postures) and Pranaya (breathing-techniques); special personalised yogic exercises
  • Prices may vary depending on the number of participants and season
  • Please consult our receptionist to make an appointment
  • Yoga classes and ayurvedic consultations require at least one day prior notice.
  • Please contact our reservations manager Mr. Suraj Basnett at reservations.bambooretreat@gmail.in