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Tashi Delek,

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Are you looking for an extraordinary destination for your next vacation?
A place that has retained the magic of bygone days and its own unique identity?
Sikkim offers a lesser known destination with rich historical and cultural background.

Are you looking for a hidden place in nature where you can experience
nature, culture and sustainability?

Welcome to our Hotel

Tucked between terraced rice fields and dense jungles with a view of
Gangtok and the Himalayan Mountains, we warmly welcome you.


Happy Guests

Experience our unique hospitality: Come to take rest, regenerate and draw new energy from the natural environment and fresh air.  Everything is possible: relaxing, adventures, or new knowledge – yet nothing is forced. You decide how you want to spend your days with us. If you need anything, we are here for you in good spirits. We will awake your senses to our unique way of life and culture, and allow you to be part of it for the time of your stay. Where could you be introduced better to the local cultural heritage than with friends? Because you come as our guest and leave as our friend. Promised!

Unlimited Relaxation in Nature

Hot Stone Bath

In our small bamboo nest, well shielded from prying eyes, there is a large wooden bathtub. A few hours before the start of the bath, stones are heated on a fireplace, that then find their place in a separate compartment, while the bath is being filled with the mountain water. The stones will then slowly proceed to transfer their energy and their minerals to the water and warm it up.

Best Time to Travel

Spring – March until the beginning of June

Spring is the best time to experience Sikkim’s rich floral splendor. Dense colored and sweet-smelling forests with blooming rhododendron and magnolia trees along the mountainsides welcome you. Orchids and Bougainvillae also have their peak-season in spring. Everything is green and full of life, it only rains occasionally. The spring sun slowly warms the snow-capped mountain peaks.

Summer – Monsoon from Mid-June until the End of August

Due to the constant monsoon rain, despite the pleasant temperatures, it is not very recommendable, weather wise. However, monsoon is the best time to avoid tourist-season.

Autumn – September to mid-December

This is the best time to go on hikes. The monsoon is over, the valleys are green, turning golden and the sky is often deep blue. The mountain view is crystal clear and the sun usually shines during the day. Autumn is also harvesting time and therefore many colorful festivals and religious events take place.

Winter – December to March

If you want to go hiking in the low-lying regions, it is quite suitable because of relatively mild temperatures. There is some occasional rain. The festivities for the Sikkimese and Tibetan New Year take place.